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Are you looking for a life mission and a rewarding career where you can help find ways of tackling social and environmental problems in the UK and globally. Do you want to change the world and people’s lives?


Bridges Outcomes Partnerships is looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are intellectually curious and understand the value of how good data insight and state of the art delivery and implementation can contribute to achieving a positive social impact.

Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, is a not for profit social enterprise that works with Government, community groups and specialist partners to design and deliver vital services that support people to improve their lives, in areas ranging from housing and employment to education and wellbeing.

The role of the team spans project development (working with Government and others to design and launch the service), project and delivery management (coordinating the delivery phase and liaising with the various stakeholders) and project finance (funding the project until it starts to earn outcomes payments). Our own funding comes from a group of pioneering social investors, including The Office for Civil Society, Big Society Capital, Pilotlight, Trust for London, who, like us, are motivated by improving lives and changing the system for the better.

Our team brings together experts in policy, programme delivery, data analysis and impact measurement to design and deliver vital services.

We love what we do: our incredibly dedicated, vibrant, dynamic and talented people are deeply passionate about providing services which both improve people’s lives and support public sector reform - from housing and employment, to education and well-being across all ages.

In the year to come we are focused on growing our direct and systemic impact nationally and internationally and we are incredibly excited about your help on this journey!  

Come and join us as we work to create meaningful, positive, lasting social impact.


Our way of working is based on our shared philosophy and psychology:

  • Our philosophy is the belief that by setting ambitious goals - and using data, technology, planning, monitoring and problem-solving to reach them - we can achieve meaningful, long-term impact.

  • Our psychology governs how we approach our work, channelling honesty, reflection, humility, focus, urgency and ambition in all that we do.


Role: Project Lead,

          Bridges Outcomes

Location: London / Hybrid

Are you interested in working for Bridges Outcomes Partnerships?

If you have a passion for making a real difference, we’d love to hear from you.

We stopped putting people into boxes according to their needs – low, medium or high – and instead began with a blank page and a conversation."


What does working with BOP to help tackle major social challenges actually involve? How do you go about trying to solve a problem like homelessness?

Writing in New Local, BOP's Sarah Cooke, Programme Director of Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership, explains how she and her team worked with Kirklees Council and local partners to design a service that makes a real difference.

At Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, we count ourselves lucky to employ brilliant teams made up of very nice people who all love working together and share the same passion for improving lives.


We take care to foster this culture, arranging lots of team activities, ranging from fitness challenges and learning sessions to showcasing talent – something for everyone!

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