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Day in the life of a Data Analyst

Camille Barreto

My typical day


Daily, I refresh our service performance reports and have a quick glance through the numbers to see if everything looks in order. If anything stands out, I bring it to the attention of the Programme Director and then we decide what the next steps should be: perhaps querying it with service managers, adding new training sessions, adding new processes, or extending support to a wider group of carers.


In addition to this, I am the point of contact for anything related to the case management system – design, updates, admin, issues, training – and so will receive multiple related calls/emails a day.


Monthly, I download all the service performance data, clean it, query it with the service managers, and present it in a pack so that it tells a summarised story of what has happened, as well as any deep dive analysis that has been planned for the month. For example, we might look at a specific area of the services performance - why carers want that service, how it helps them, the cost and effectiveness of delivery. We then use the trends and key findings to make changes to improve service delivery.


What excites me the most about my work


I love hearing stories from staff and managers about carers who we have supported to make their lives slightly easier.


Taking all the extensive quantitative and qualitative data that we collect and telling a story about the service, as well as the carers we support, is really rewarding.


What qualities I think are most important to be successful in this role


Understanding what we mean by ‘outcomes’ – this role isn’t just achieving the numbers; it is about people and about impact. We can achieve the numbers without having any real impact, but that would not be what we are trying to do!


Having an eye for detail – being able to spot any trends or issues with the service and areas for improvement, by checking the numbers and case notes regularly.


Relationship management – I am in regular contact with all service managers and the county council to query the data, to deliver reports, to check if changes to the case management or reporting systems are required, and to train staff. It is important to understand their needs and then build appropriate processes or reports.


What attracted me to BOP


BOP’s focus on creating social impact while still achieving ambitious targets. I have always wanted a career with purpose which also uses my previous skills and experience – BOP allowed me to do just this!


The work environment at BOP


Open, driven and fun! The team is a great bunch that are all passionate about creating change and impact in an efficient way. We also have a lot of fun in the form of team challenges, team workouts, learning sessions etc., but we also work very hard to deliver impactful services.


At Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, we count ourselves lucky to employ brilliant teams made up of very nice people who all love working together and share the same passion for improving lives.


We take care to foster this culture, arranging lots of team activities, ranging from fitness challenges and learning sessions to showcasing talent – something for everyone!

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