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Days spent out of care


Value to Government


Outcomes achieved

We achieve this through a more flexible, collaborative and accountable approach.

  •  Using data to improve delivery and increase impact. PFP team has implemented a more structured use of clinical questionnaires in therapy, which has given the service a deeper understanding of the impact on the family and young person and across cohorts. Easy to understand graphics, developed over the course of this year, have also allowed family members to understand and engage with this data.

  • Enable delivery teams to continuously innovate. Regular workshops are now in place across the therapist to share best practice learnings. This has been reinforced under CV19, where PFP’s therapy teams have been delivering the service in a new and largely untested format.

  • Investing in delivery to create better outcomes. Delivery partners supported with additional monies to fund (e.g.) housing and travel expenses, where this means bringing the best candidate to roles.

Supporting young people at risk of being taken into care and their families to stay together through family therapy interventions.

Please contact Iciar and Amit for further detail about our Family Therapy projects


GM Homes aims to tackle long term homelessness through new and different approaches


GM Homes aims to provide the right homes, in the right places, at the right times. But also to offer flexible, local, long-term support to those we work with – recognising that different people might need different support at different times to meet their particular needs. 


GM Homes works with entrenched rough sleepers over a three-year period to get them off the streets and help them build a new life. That means providing the intensive emotional and practical support they need to maintain successful tenancies, and to access appropriate health, training and employment services.


GMHP is a unique collaboration between local housing providers, social investors and three leading homelessness charities. It is part of a wider strategy for tackling homelessness in the region, which includes programmes designed to prevent people become homeless and to provide support quickly if they do become homeless.


The number of people sleeping rough in England has risen each year since 2010. A period of homelessness is a dangerous and isolating experience for anyone. Homeless people are around 17 times more likely to be the victim of violence, and are far more likely to experience bad health outcomes. There are many causes for homelessness: a lack of affordable housing, unemployment, unexpected life events, complex Local Authority support systems, and much more.


A programme that  will work with entrenched rough sleepers to get them off the streets and help them build a new life, providing the intensive emotional and practical support they need to maintain successful tenancies, as well as help with addiction and other health issues, supporting them to access appropriate existing health, training and employment services.

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