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Fair Chance, Rewriting Futures delivers support and community engagement to reduce youth homelessness in the West Midlands.



starts on the programme


students obtain level 1 qualification


secured accommodation 




In July 2015, D self-referred himself to the Solihull referral centre. He explained that he had been kicked out of his family home and had been sleeping rough on friend’s sofas. D explained that he had recently been arrested for drink driving, which lead to a very serious car accident in which he was hospitalised for over two weeks. He explained that prior to this he had been in trouble with the law while he also felt he was battling an addiction to cannabis.


By August, D had been moved into a shared house via Prospect

housing. Over the next few months, staff saw a gradual positive

change in his attitude and behaviour. Together, staff and D worked

hard to find a flat appropriate for him and by November (2015) he

had moved into his own one bedroom flat. During this time D had

stopped smoking cannabis and enrolled onto a course which he

showed great punctuality and attendance.

With support from staff on CV writing and applications, D began looking for work and eventually he was a successful candidate for a role as a floor worker in his local Tesco. Throughout the next few months D demonstrated ambition in work and became the duty manger. He is now in a Long-term relationship and saving for a mortgage. D has made drastic changes in his life which has shaped the man he has become today, as he says “I wouldn’t recognise the D that walked into the St Basils Solihull hub in 2015”.

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