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Healthier Living Partnerships is a two- year programme of sustained support for those most at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes in Devon. 



starts to the programme


people completed the service


are no longer pre-diabetic


outcomes achieved


When R began the programme, he had a moderate level of depression/anxiety and told the facilitator that he was living quite a lonely and unhealthy lifestyle (due to his personal circumstances).


With the help, support and guidance of the Facilitator, the participant was encouraged to set small sustainable goals around diet and general wellbeing, which began to lead to a more physically active lifestyle. R was signposted to local walking and community groups, which demonstrated to him the wide range of support and community groups in the local area.


Six months into the programme he had reduced his HbA1C by 1 point, lost 2.8 kg and reduced his waist measurement by 7cm. During a recent phone conversation, the participant said that he's now "the healthiest physically and mentally he has been for 5 years”. He's even helping out people who are “at risk” by walking their dogs, and has started supporting a community project by tidying the large garden. This has increased his physical activity and given him an increased sense of self-esteem.

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