Healthy Lives Together is a 'social prescribing' programme working to create sustainable lifestyle changes and improved self-care for people living with long-term conditions.   



starts to the programme

wellbeing improvements by 2nd assessment


wellbeing improvements by 3rd assessment


outcomes achieved


When B was referred into the service, she was socially isolated, had high anxiety levels and was not managing her diabetes well; she also had a number of other LTCs. B hadn’t had a friend to speak to for 10 years; she did not have

the courage to change this and did not have the motivation to address her health issues.

With help and support from her HLT link worker, she was able to address these issues and create an action plan. B currently engages in a number of activities that help her to manage her health conditions while also building a support network: a healthy eating group, swimming/ gym lessons, a sewing group and a women’s social group.

B was on nine tablets per day for her diabetes; she now takes just one. The programme has also had an impact on her other long-term health conditions: her thyroid medication has been reduced, as has her pain medication.