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SEN Travel Training supports and teaches children with special educational needs how to use public transport independently.  



starts on the programme


successful completions of travel training


students  sustaining two terms of independent travel


outcomes achieved


Ashley was very nervous about travelling on the buses. One of the things that make him nervous was the hustle and bustle of a busy bus with a mix of commuters and college students.

He explored with his travel trainer the possibility of using headphones while he was on the bus, but he decided that he would go for confidence and not rely on them. Instead, Ashley decided independently he would sit downstairs where it was quieter, helping to boost his confidence.


Now that the training has finished, he feels confident enough to make a choice where to sit depending on how busy the bus is. Even though Ashley was apprehensive about talking to safe strangers and asking for help, he made excellent progress in building up the confidence to be able to seek assistance if required. This could involve talking to the bus

driver to make sure he’s getting on the right bus.

Ashley’s parents have seen positive progress, with his mum saying: “We have been delighted to see how much more he can do by himself. We are planning some trips out over the summer using public transport to further embed Ashley’s training.”

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