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Stronger Families Suffolk is a programme that uses family therapy to help children remain with their families and out of the care system. 






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When referred to Stronger Families, Derek* was a 14-year-old boy who displayed verbal aggression to his family. In the course of the intervention, the therapist had four face-to-face engagement and motivation sessions prior to tele-therapy being introduced post-lockdown.


There was initially a high risk of disengagement (partially due to severe ADHD); Derek only engaged under duress from his parents and social worker. After some initial resistance to tele-therapy (two cancelled sessions and one no-show), Derek really engaged and progressed through the rest of the therapy with high engagement and enthusiasm. Some concerns at the beginning of the therapy were his verbal and physical aggression, and his inability to concentrate for a long enough period of time to engage in family activities.


Towards the end of the therapy, Derek developed closer relationships with the family; they even had a family night, where Derek cooked a meal for his family, and they played a card game afterwards.

*Not his real name

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