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Modern Slavery Act 2015

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 came into effect in October 2015. The Act gives law enforcement the tools to fight modern slavery, through consolidation and simplification of existing offences into a single act, ensuring perpetrators can receive suitably severe punishments for these appalling crimes and enhance support and protection for victims. The Act also seeks to address the role of businesses in preventing modern slavery from occurring in organisations and their supply chain.  It requires businesses in any sector which meet defined criteria to produce a slavery and human trafficking statement each financial year detailing the action they have taken to ensure there is no modern slavery in their business / supply chain. For further information on the act please click here.

What we have done


Bridges Outcomes Partnerships (BOP) is committed to eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking.  Our efforts include the following:

  1. Code of Conduct
    Our code of conduct is embedded within our organisation and serves to ensure that all colleagues are aware of their responsibilities and commitment to operating ethically and assist them in making the right choices. It includes information on our company values, human rights and safeguarding which align closely to the requirements of modern slavery.

  2. Equality and Diversity
    Our Equality and Diversity policy and working group is in place to ensure that we treat people fairly and with respect. This policy fosters a culture which safeguards our clients and colleagues, affording dignity and respect to all.

  3. Safeguarding
    Our Safeguarding policy sets out the legislative requirements to provide a duty of care, promote positive wellbeing and provide a clear process for escalating concerns to protect the welfare of individuals. This includes modern slavery concerns. All colleagues are aware of the Safeguarding policy and associated reporting procedure.

  4. Recruitment and selection
    Our robust recruitment process is in place to ensure that we employ people who demonstrate our values, have high ethical standards, have the right skills, experience and expertise for the role and, fundamentally, meet the requirements of being able to work in the UK.

  5. Delivery Partners
    We complete Initial Assessment activities with all our partners, which includes a review of key policies, process and practices related to modern slavery, safeguarding and other key legislation.  We also complete regular Quality Assurance activities; both of these support BOP to understand partner controls and processes, aimed at eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking.  

  6. Suppliers of goods and services
    The BOP supplier network includes suppliers of services and goods both in the UK and beyond. Each of our supplier network organisations is responsible for meeting legislative and regulatory laws that govern them.  However, BOP is committed to working with organisations that share our values and commitment to preventing modern slavery. 

What BOP will do in 2023/24

Our work in this important area will continue through:

  1. The delivery of compulsory online training on the Modern Slavery Act to all BOP colleagues, including how to identify and escalate any concerns.

  2. Continuing to review and develop our policies, processes and controls which support our commitment to eradicating modern slavery across out network.

  3. Fully launch and embed the works recommended by the Diversity, Equality, and inclusion working group.

  4. Conducting appropriate audits to evaluate the processes in place to eradicate modern slavery.

  5. BOP will develop and update this statement to meet the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act on an annual basis.

  6. Our statement has been approved by BOP CEO.

​Mila Lukic CEO, BOP September 2023

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