Bridges Outcomes Partnerships is a social enterprise launched by Bridges Fund Management that works with Government and the social sector to design and deliver outcomes-based contracts.


Since 2012, the team has worked with commissioners and expert social sector organisations providers to design and deliver over 50 social outcomes contracts across the UK. So far, these projects have helped over 20,000 beneficiaries, supported 98 social and private sector delivery organisations, and achieved £80m worth of outcomes-based payments for 64 local and national Government commissioners.


The Bridges Outcomes Partnerships team brings together experts in policy, programme management, data analysis and impact measurement to help local and central Government commissioners achieve better outcomes for vulnerable people and better value for public money.

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The projects we support are able to draw on support from a variety of individuals with a wide range of expertise of public sector delivery. 

Iciar Ania 

Investment Manager  

Camille Barreto

Data Analyst, Spring and Norfolk Carers

Kuldeep Bassi 

Head of Quality Assurance

David Burnett

Chair, Positive Families Partnership 

Victoria Busby

Service Manager , Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership

Anne-Marie Carrie 

Chair, Stronger Families & Pause for Change 

Claudia Cheung

Performance Manager Stronger Families

Sarah Cooke  

Director Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership

Jonathan Gill

Performance Manager, Positive Families Partnership

Kalbir Heer

People Director

Georgia Hill

Data Analyst Single Homelessness Prevention Service and Homelessness Support

Emily Hodgson

Data Analyst, Stronger Families

Shahana Jeewa

Financial Controller

Richard Johnson  

Chair, Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership & Single Homeless Prevention Service

Khadija Ait Kadi

Investment Manager

Noam Kost 

Assistance Performance Manager, Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership 

Andrew Levitt

Co-founder and CEO

Mila Lukic 

Co-founder and CEO

Martha Macgregor

Performance Manager, Spring and Norfolk Carers

Steve Marsland 

Director, Housing and Employment Social Outcomes Contracts 

Ana Mazon 

Impact & Performance Director

Rob Murdoch

Director Healthy Lives Together and Healthier Living Partnerships

Simon Newbury

Director Single Homelessness Prevention Service

Andrew Pickup 

Director Positives Families Partnership

Lucía Santirso Richards

Investment Manager

Antony Ross


David Royce

Chair, Reboot West & iAspire

Amit Shah

Investment Director

Charlene Simpson 

Referral Assessor, Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership 

Robbie Smyth

Director, Pause for Change

Fiona Speak

Quality Assurance Lead

Brigitte Squire 

Clinical Director, Positive Families Partnership 

Conor Sullivan

Investment Manager  

Faith Tomlinson

Quality Assurance Lead

Zorica Trkulja

Data Analyst, Positive Families Partnership 

Lisa Winterbottom

Advice, Support and Guidance Officer, Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership


The projects we support are funded by a pioneering group of social investors, who are all motivated by a common desire to drive better outcomes for vulnerable adults and help more young people achieve their potential. 

Information correct as at 31 March 2019 

We would also like to thank Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer for their tireless pro bono support of these projects, which has been vital in building the market.

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